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Now Reading: The GoXLR is NOT Dead! In fact it may actually be BETTER!


The GoXLR is NOT Dead! In fact it may actually be BETTER!

07/28/20232 min read

If you’ve been following me for an extended period of time you know the GoXLR is by far the BEST device I have ever purchased for my studio. I was using it in my PC studio up until about 2 months ago when I decided to go ALL MAC. This was an issue because the GoXLR was not Mac friendly…so I had to look for its equal in the Mac world and could not seem to find anything dependable. I tried several Rode devices with NO LUCK!

I tried the Rodecaster Pro II, the Rodecaster Duo and 2 Streamer X’s and NONE of them worked. I had to send every one of them back. In my opinion there’s just no way that I’m just that unlucky with Rode devices…this tells me there are MANY issues with these devices. So many, in fact, that I can no longer recommend them.

A few weeks back, TC Hellicon announced they would be laying off the whole GoXLR development staff. This caused a rift in the live streaming matrix and tons of creators made videos saying it was DEAD. However, I refused to accept that because I love this device so much. My thinking was that maybe a 3rd party would somehow get the source code and be able to develop it even further than TC Hellicon would have. Well, much to my surprise this seems to be exactly what’s happening!

Not only is that happening but it now also works…ON A MAC! I am actually working on a post on how to set it all up if you’re a Mac user. For PC just continue to use the official software from TC Hellicon.

Want to download and set it up on your Mac? CLICK HERE to head to the page to download and install it.

Don’t have a GoXLR? You can grab them right now on Amazon! CLICK HERE and grab one. They are $399 at the time of making this post!

I really want to know what you’re thinking so let me know in the comments below!

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